A few words about the company

MSS specializes in the management and supervision of private and public construction work, while providing close support to customers from the planning stage to obtaining a key. The company is managed by Lior Shamir, a civil engineer with 15 years of experience and a well-deserved reputation in this field. For 12 years, Lior has accumulated extensive experience in the company “Baran Projects Construction Ltd.”, and then as an independent professional service provider for clients. If you need supervision over construction in the south of the country – then the MSS company is the perfect solution for you!

  • 20% חסכון
  • עלויות בניה של מבנה
Ability to influence

The company’s vision is to help as many people as possible to make the dream called “home” possible. We know that with meticulous planning, close supervision and by making well-weighted decisions, we can save considerable amount of resources and still receive a very high level of quality.

In other words, your economy is our success! In order to be successful as a business we must give our customers a real value at the end of each building process, leveraging professional tools and knowledge for the client

  • 20% Economy
  • Cost of building construction
Our commitment!

We undertake to act in the most honest way in relation to each client, with full transparency, while preserving the interests of the client. We will perform the most effective planning for you, we will carefully and professionally monitor the entire construction process and do our best to provide you with the highest level of finishing while minimizing costs.

Share with us the data about the project you are planning, so that we can better understand your needs

We will use our professional knowledge to effectively plan the construction process

Thanks to proper consulting, management and supervision, our customers enjoy the highest level of product

For professional consultation without any obligation call 052-2705511 or leave your details Send!
For professional consultation without any obligation call 052-2705511 or leave your details Send!